Edward Blake Consulting Services

I am available for consulting.

My field of expertise spans various subjects.

Automotive Information Technology

I have experience with working on vehicle centred information systems, and could help with planning, development or maintenance of your vehicle information systems. Some of the possible things I could do is:

Web Site Design and Development

I have experience in Web design and development and have started many projects in well known frameworks. I can also give advice on whether different approaches would be more cost effective for your organization between different type of web systems, such as content management systems (CMS).

Embedded Software Design

I have experience in embedded software programming on microcontroller-based hardware, with knowledge of popular architectures such as the PIC micro, AVR and MCS-51.


For more information or for inquiries on if my services will be a good fit with helping with your business please send me an email to consultingedwardlblake.com .

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